About us

Forsev is one of the most representative Romanian enterprises in the forging industry, with a tradition and expertise spanning more than 160 years and paving its future path by innovation and research and development strategies. Forsev’s name encapsulates the old, imperial craftsmanship of iron and metals working; the experience built by hundreds of challenging projects during Romania’s bursting, post-war economy; and the know-how, along with the successful investment philosophy of its American shareholders. This combination makes of Forsev a reliable supplier and partner, for long term collaboration.

Short history

The Forsev’s roots go down to 1850, when a shipyard was founded close to its present location. Then, back in 1977, a forging enterprise is open to serve the huge forging products’ need of the emerging economies in the region.

Since 1998, Forsev is a Romanian-American joint venture, which benefits of a reputed, experienced and a billion-dollar investor. read more


We are here to make the most competitive offers on the international forging products’ market, executed by client’s requests, at best value for money.


We will constantly try to reach, serve and comply with the needs of as many clients as possible, from Romania to Europe, USA and further on.


Profesionalism. This keeps our ambition at high levels and our clients coming back for new orders.

Team spirit. It is that ingredient which makes the tough industry we play in a bit softer.

Innovation. That is what fuels our minds in our continuous search for everything which is new; in order to remain our client’s preferred partners.